About “Deliberately Dithered”

A blog title one gets when a self avowed web geek and father of five starts a blog. What do you end up with? Answer: a little bit of everything. Dithered is both a English dictionary term and a term used on the web. The web context of bringing multiple colors together to produce a new, if not quite perfect, composite color is what I am hoping to achieve here. I hope to discuss issues on the web and in life from several different viewpoints and let the reader make up their own mind on the meaning of it all. With five kids and a full, yet satisfying life, you can also classify me as dithered on occasion.

Life can be difficult and confusing and I believe it was designed to be. It is impossible to grow stronger without resistance or make tough decisions without encountering difficulties. When one refuses to make tough choices or sticks to the safety of the familiar no growth or creative solutions can emerge.

The choice of “deliberate” appears at first like an oxymoron in the title since “dithered” can have a somewhat negative connotation. However, the intentional and thoughtful nature of deliberation suggests there must be some desired reason to be “dithered”. I’ll let you, dear reader, pass judgment on whether this is indeed true or utter hogwash!

Lastly, “deliberately dithered” can also be a design technique where the designer scatters colors next to one another in small quantities to create new colors or patterns. Here are two examples: one (notice the blue pinstripe banner at the top made of 2 remarkably different blues) and two (using transparent gifs in the checkerboard backgrounds). A color blindness test would also classify as deliberate dithering.