Praise and Heartfelt Sympathy to VT

I had stumbled on the Virginia Tech web site months before the tragic events that recently occurred at that campus. It is a very nicely designed site and was artfully adapted to serve as a lean dispenser of information and then a memorial in a time of crisis. People have been critical of the speed information was posted or disseminated to students. Yet working at a university I have firsthand knowledge of how the nature of universities can make rapid action on anything an extremely tall task. I have told people who have been waiting for something to happen at our university to take their longest expectation of how long it will take to complete, double it, and then double it again. This incident is a warning cry to all public institutions. I just hope our university can learn from VT’s misfortune and if called upon, rise to the occasion. To those with Virginia Tech ties, including those I have worked with on portal projects, my prayers go out to you and especially to those grieving and seeking comfort in the days, months, and years to pass.

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